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Cityscapes / Architecture (oil/canvas)

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Paintings of cityscapes, streets, canals, in red, blue, yellow.
  • Art Supplies or: Time of Interferences  (Künstlerbedarf oder: Zeit der Störungen)
    110cm x 140cm, 2003
  • One-Way-Street
    100cm x 150cm, 2003
  • Vermeerkanal
    140cm x 100cm, 2005
  • Werther Kanal
    100cm x 120cm, 2002
  • Jauneville
    130cm x 110cm, 2001
  • Halt
    100cm x 150cm, 2002
  • History of Milk  (Geschichte der Milch)
    85cm x 100cm, 2000
  • Cross Canal  (Kreuzkanal)
    100cm x 150cm, 1998
  • Cold and Hot Meals  (Kalte und warme Küche)
    75cm x 105cm, 2000
  • The Yellow Tower  (Der gelbe Turm)
    120cm x 90, 1998
  • The Blue Bazar  (Der blaue Bazar)
    150cm x 100cm,1998
  • The Red Sponges  (Die roten Schwämme)
    130cm x 120cm, 1997
  • The Blue Gate  (Das blaue Tor)
    130cm x 120cm, 1997
  • The Cold Canal  (Der kalte Kanal)
    90cm x 150cm, 1996
  • Sachsen Video
    80cm x 125cm, 1995
  • The Enterprise across Unterbarmen  (Die Enterprise über Unterbarmen)
    100cm x 65cm, 1992

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