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This is some of my work from the past year. Recently, my work has to do with experimentations with the relationship between the figure and interior space. Some of my work concentrates more on the exploration and value of process and gesture. Some pieces have more to do with the importance of objects and personal spaces as a means of defining identity. Most of the interior spaces depicted in my work either have a dream-like quality or an ambiguity of space.
  • "Chafe"
    Rubber cement; graphite powder; rubber gloves.  10ft X 42 in. 10/2012
  • "Max, Asleep"
    Graphite, Rubber cement.  18 in. X 24" 11/2012
  • "Self" 
    Rubber Cement, Graphite.  Approx. 37 in. X 37" 11/2012.
  • "Ashley"
    Graphite, oil paint, and cold wax on canvas.  44 in. X 60"
  • Untitled
    Oil on canvas.   72 in. X 54".   12/2012
  • "Bogged Down"
     Charcoal on paper.   22 in X 30".   4/2012
  •  "Odalisque" 
    Oil on canvas. 48 in. X 62". 12/2012.
  • "Emma" (2/4)
    Oil on paper.   22 in. X 27".   3/2012.
  • "Emma" (3/4)
    Oil on wood panel.  16 in. X 16".  5/2012.

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