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I and our ongoing and upcoming events

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有关主题: 生活让我不自觉的关注着存在与毁灭——这些有关生存环境和内心成长的存在与毁灭。 我们生活的环境——地球,由于人类无休止的欲望,正在遭受着破坏,这种破坏最终将会报应到人类自己的身上。我的作品想引起大家对生存环境的关注,我相信万物都是有联系的,都是有灵性的,让我们珍爱我们生存的环境,珍惜我们所拥有的一切,用感恩的心去生活:青草上的露水、树枝上垂下的虫丝、拍打在窗台上的雨滴、雨后蚯蚓翻松的泥土、空气中蒸腾的热气、楼下树荫里打盹儿的猫咪、混合着汗渍味的叫卖、摩天大楼闪耀的玻璃窗、乡间小屋里噼啪的柴火、田地里收获的农作物…… 生活应该是如此美好,我们因该尊重自然,因为有他才有我们…… The subject: Life lets me not being showing solicitude for existence conscientiously with the existence destroying these growing up in connection with the living environment and the heart and be ruined. Our environment earth of life, because of endless desire of human being, in course of suffer destroy, human being this is destroyed that meeting retribution is arrived at ultimately self on one's body. My work wants to cause concerns among everybody for living environment , that I believe in all things on earth all has connection , having intelligence , lets us cherish our survival environment , cherishes all owned by us , uses the heart being thankful to go and live: Insect silk , rain droplet , rain queen earthworm beating on the windowsill that green grass droops on the upper dew , branch are turning the loose earth over , the rising steam , the cat dozing off downstairs in tree shade are blending the crops that sweat stain taste hawking one's wares , high-rise gain in the casement window , province in the countryside cottage glittering in crack firewood , farmland smilingly in air, ... Life ought to be so fine , our reason should respect having us naturally, because of having him...
  • 我和我们正在发生和即将发生的事情
    I and our ongoing and upcoming events

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