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The installation presented at the exhibition at Pracowni Miejsce was intended as a hermeneutic answer to H.Ch. Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. Kai’s story provided the artist with a pretext to consider his own emotions. Men tend to build protective walls, facades to hide and seperate themselves from others. The work refers to the distance we create in our relations with other people. The fractures, cuts, cracks and wounds allow us merely to catch a glimpse of what remains concealed. We are unable or unwilling to expose ourselves to other people. It is impossible to know the real nature of things. This incessant cognitive process is made up by consecutive interpretations, with which we come up as the pieces of the artificial shell fall of bit by bit. However we are still fascinated by what we cannot discover: the incomprehensible, the unsaid, the obscure. The form of the installation has been inspired by structures - such as the crumbling sheet of ice, the cracked ground or the rough surface of a congealed lava river
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