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Maori Moko

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Slumped, Carved, Acid-Etched Glass/Aluminum/Steel ~ 126x120x 2" ~ 2009
  • Maori Moko: Maori, New Zealand
    Slumped, Carved,Acid-Etched Glass/Aluminum/Steel ~ 126x120x 2" ~ 2009
  • MaoriMoko is comprisedof 2 monumental faces - each fused, slumped and carved into a single piece ofglass. These giant heads havereeled around in my head for years; an invite to Habatat's International Show(coupled with the "Great Recession's" freeing-up massive slumpingovens in Philadelphia) finally allowed me to bring them into reality in2009. I first discovered tã moko(permanent face/bodymarking of the Māori, the indigenous people NZ) as a 21-year-old student of mask carving inIndonesia. Tā moko is distinctfrom tattoo and tatau; the skin is carved by uhi (chisels) rather than punctured and leftwith deep grooves rather than smooth surfaces. I thus carved the designs deep into the glass. The whakapapa (genealogy/family history) of aMaori descendant is colored into these grooves in a story-telling pattern,becoming a sort of identity. Suchhomage to one’s forebears and questions cultural identity are recurring themesmy work (see ‘Bisj’ Ancestor Pole, Koruru Taranaki Heads and AncestralFlow.)

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