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  • Partition sparks conversation about the physical, mental and symbolic borders that exist between the US and Mexico. A gallery is the initial conversation setting because it is even ground where people can vocalize their views, opinions and experiences about the US/Mexico border.  The “white walls” of a gallery serve as a clean canvas, free of any preconceived notions concerning the border and offer an opportunity to view the issue with fresh eyes.  The installation will consist of wallpaper, a table, two chairs, dishware and flatware that all call attention to the problems of putting borders on single entities and blocking their natural flow.  Patrons will have an opportunity to purchase a Partition souvenir in the gallery gift shop, which will facilitate the US/Mexico dialogue outside of the gallery setting.  Proceeds from the sale of the souvenirs will go to the Border Angels organization, which consists of a group of volunteers that help prevent deaths along the US/Mexico border.

  • Partition souvenirs
  • Partition Gallery Installation
  • Partition Wallpaper

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