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Skulptural illustration of the old Danish folktales

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final project form my master degree in visual communication and illustration at kolding designschool
  • The spirits of the old
    a tribute to the old Danish folktales
  • The final project for my Master degree in visual communication and illustration at Kolding Design school in Denmark, 2012.
         The project is inspired by the old Danish folktales and the creatures that exist in them, like trolls, gnomes, fairies and many more. These creatures were ones a natural part of life. They looked after the nature and helped if it was needed. But if you did not treat them with respect they could get very nasty.
         Now a day we only hear about them in fairytales and in children's books. But are they still here? and if so were are they hiding? 

    The wood and photos has been sponsort by Dinesen wood floors.

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