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  • These works are of my more abstract pieces whilst they my look abstract a lot of these pieces are drawn straight from nature, going from oldest to my most recent work. I collect and process all my pigments from the bush and I capture the details through burning the paper/ wood, its basically drawing with heat.

  • "Coming to life"Burnt paper eucalypt bark and charcoal.101 by 65 cm
  • “Furling”Burnt paper, beetroot, eucalypt bark and charcoal.23 by 23cm

  • "Systemic Nature"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, ochre, eucalypt charcoal.101 by 65cm

  • “Sapling”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal, ochres, coffee bean and coriopsus flower.120 by 68 cm

  • “Wombat Mandala”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, ochres, charcoal, and wombat blood.130 by 204 cm

  • “Vessel”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark and sap, ochres and eucalypt charcoal.65 by 101cm

  • "Cocoon"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, eucalypt sap, eucalypt charcoal, coriopsus flower, coffee bean, ochres.65 by 101cm

  • "Natures Contraption"Burnt paper, Eucalypt bark,Coriopsus flower, sandal wood berry, eucalypt sap, eucalypt charcoal.65 by 101cm

  • “Embryo”Pyrography, eucalypt sap, bark, ochres, rosemary leaves and coriopsus flower.51 by 66 cm
  • "Communion"Burnt paper, ochres, rosemary, eucalypt bark, coriopsis flower and charcoal.52 by 68 cm
  • “Little Demon”Burnt paper, eucalypt sap and bark, blue berry, ochres and charcoal.15 by 28 cm

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