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  • “Static”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark and charcoal, coriopsus flower, liquid chlorophyll and ochres.101 by 65cm
  • "Colony collapse"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, eucalypt charcoal, coriopsus flower, ochres and liquid chlorophyll.114 by 155cm

  • "Deep Water"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark sap and charcoal and grape hyacinth. 57 by 76cm

  • “Fight or flight”Pyrography, ochres, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal. liquid chlorophyll, coriopsus flower and sandal wood berry.180 by 114 cm
  • "Circumnavigation"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, eucalypt charcoal, Native grass, ochres, coriopsus flower and pine veneer .152 by 339cm
  • “The arsonist”Pyrography, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal, Liquid chlorophyll, ochres and coriopsis flower101 by 65 cm
  • “There is no me”Pyrography, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal, liquid chlorophyll, ochres, beetroot, and coriopsus flower65 by 101 cm
  • Rules of engagement”Pyrography, eucalypt bark, ochres, rosemary leaf and charcoal.51 by 66cm
  • Ken YonetaniBurnt paper, eucalypt sap, bark and charcoal, ochres, liquid chlorophyll, coriopsus flower, algae and coffee bean.2.1 by 1.2 meters
  • "Boy"
    Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, sap, ash and charcoal, ochres, rosemary leaves, Coriopsis flower, beetroot, liquid chlorophyll and charcoal.150 by 114cm

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